We run screening programmes with regular reviews with the practice nurse, or in some cases a doctor.

Cervical screening


Bowel Screening

If you have blood in your poo, change in your bowel habit, pain, weight loss, tiredness or looking pale please make an appointment with your doctor. 

If you are aged between 50-74 you should be sent a home screening test every 2 years. This is a simple test that involves sticking a small probe into your poo. You can watch a video on how to do it here. If you need a new kit you can call the Bowel Screening helpline on 0800 0121 833 or go online at NHSinform.

If bowel cancer is caught early there is a high chance of a cure. The sooner it is caught, the easier it is to treat. You will recieve the result about 2 weeks after the test. If it is positive you will need further investigation - a camera test or scan. 

More information is available here.


Asthma Review

All patients with asthma can have an annual check with a Practice Nurse.

Please bring your inhalers, and your peak flow diary if you have one. We will ask you how often you are wheezy - in particular at night, and if you have any triggers e.g. exercise or animals.

If you are on a regular preventer (steroid) inhaler then you will also be eligible for an annual flu vaccine


INR, Lithium & Rheumatology monitoring 


Living with pain

If you have Chronic Pain these websites might help you.

Live Well with Pain and their 10 Footsteps to Living Well with Pain. 

Pain Concern

Pain Association Scotland

NHS Inform - Self Help Advice and CBT course

Lothian Chronic Pain Service

Tame the Beast - help to rethink persistent pain

Brain Man - Video call 'Understanding Pain in less than 5 minutes'

Advice on managing Chronic Pain - Video by Dr Churn from Cockenzie

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